Top Gutter Cleaning Tips To Save Your Life

Gutter Cleaning Tips To Save Your Life

Owning a home is one the best feeling one will ever have. However, it comes with a perk of responsibility to maintain it. One of the responsibility is to know how to clean gutters. Gutters are usually cleaned during fall awaiting for the snow and rainy season. Debris on clogged downspout underground can lead to great damage to the building and rooftops. The following are some of the tips that can help you clean your gutters without any injuries or causing damages to your home.

  1. Ladder Safety

It is important to ensure that you let someone know that you are using a ladder when cleaning the gutters. Use a strong ladder that can carry your weight and that of equipment you are using to clean the gutters. Check the ladder for any defects before climbing on it. For those who can stand on a ladder they should know how to clean gutters without a ladder by use of garden hose or robotics. 

  1. Clean the Roof

Before you start cleaning the gutters, you should begin by cleaning the roof. Use a rake to remove leaves and plants growing on the roof and collect the debris. You can use a leaf blower gutter attachment to blow away the leaves from the rooftop before cleaning the gutters.

  1. Use a Garden Hose

A garden horse with a nozzle at the end can perfectly work for cleaning gutters. The nozzle gives enough pressure to push the debris from the gutters. You can fix a pistol-grip to the Gutter cleaning hose attachment to help in directing the pressure on the gutters. The pistol-grip also help you move from one point of the gutter to the other move with the gallon holding debris when on the roof.A garden hose is one sure of how to clean gutters from the ground for those afraid of heights. 

  1. Unclog your Gutter Downspout 

After cleaning the gutters, it is highly advisable to clean the downspout. Fill the downspout with water from the bottom and if it does not overflow from the top know that there is a clog. Clear the clog by hitting the downspout or disconnect and use the pressure from the gutter cleaning system to spray the water in it.

  1. Fit gutter Guards

One of the surest ways to eliminate the problem of clogged gutters is investing in gutter guards. Gutter guards prevent pine needles and leaves from entering into the gutters. You can choose from the various manufacturers in the market and get the best deals. 

  1. Invest in Gutter Cleaning Robots

Where one is afraid of heights, you can invest in a gutter cleaning robot. The robots have a long pole and arms that collect the debris from the gutters. There are some robots that have a pad that clean the gutters before water is run in them. Many of the gutter cleaning companies have heavily invested in this robots to cut on gutter cleaning cost and reap more benefits from their services.

After knowing when to clean gutters and how to do it, you will be surprised how the exercise is simple. Make it a biannual if not an annual exercise to protect your home from damages that may arise from clogged gutters. Following these tips can be of great use to individual depending on cleaning gutters for a living as it will make their work simple and less tiresome.

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