How To Clean Gutters

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To protect our home's foundation, siding, and home's landscaping the installation of rain gutters becomes very important for us. When these gutters fill with sticks, leaves, plastics, and other debris this can result in clogs and allow water creeping into the foundation and roof. Choked gutters may also result in ice dams in the winter, that's why gutter cleaning becomes very essential for us. Don't worry here are some ideas mentioned about gutter cleaning that will reduce your gutter cleaning cost and also will save your time.

How to clean gutters

These two questions when to clean gutters and how to clean gutters are very important in the process of gutter cleaning. One should always aware of the correct time to clean the gutters. Ensure that you have a good and extendable ladder, wear a dress suitable for the job don't forget to wear gloves and a mask. To remove the garbage from the gutter use a plastic scoop it would be better if you get a gutter cleaning robot to do this job. Once you are done with removing all the gunks from the gutter then do not worry about how to clean gutter downspouts use a garden hose to clean clogged downspout underground.

  • How to clean gutters without a ladder;  If you don't have a ladder for cleaning your gutter, don't worry you can use various substitutes to clean your gutter. You can use a leaf blower, make sure that you have the leaf blower gutter attachment and extension so you can reach the spot. Also, you can use a vacuum cleaner, power washer, etc to clean your gutter.
  • How to clean high gutters; To clean high gutters you must have a sturdy and stable ladder. Setup the ladder according to the position of the gutter, wear the gutter cleaning dress, and connect a bucket to the ladder to put the debris.
  • How to clean gutters from the ground; To clean gutters from the ground you need a bucket, a gutter cleaning scoop, ladder, and safety wears. Clean all the debris and leaves little by little with your hand and them into the bucket. Finally, flush the gutter with plenty of water.

Use Gutter Guards

Using a good quality gutter guard can eliminate the requirement of cleaning gutters. Be careful before purchasing a gutter cleaning system that keeps out the sticks and leaves because manufacturers do many promises, which they not deliver.


Clean gutters are very important for us because a clogged gutter can produce various diseases that are hazardous to our health. Cleaning the gutter by yourself is a good idea but it can be risky sometimes so it would be better to call gutter cleaning companies to do this job. As they have the proper equipment and safety measures.

If you are working in a gutter cleaning company and cleaning gutters for a living, then you must take all the safety precautions before entering into a gutter. As your family is waiting for you at your home, and if you know any other skills then leave this job let it is done by gutter cleaning robots and machines.