Gutter Cleaning From The Ground

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Gutter Cleaning from the Ground: 6 Sure Ways

When you own a home, you are likely to learn how to clean gutters without injuring yourself or causing damages to your house. There are many people who are afraid of heights and would not take the courage of removing debris on gutters a few meters from the ground. If you are among the many individual who cannot stand the ladder you should know the option of how to clean gutters without a ladder.

The following are some of the ways of how to clean gutters from the ground without feeling unsafe on the ladder. 

  1. Using a Power Washer

One of the best gutter cleaning method from the ground is using the power washer. It is applicable for most average heights of house and has proved to be very effective. The only downside is that you might get messy from the debris and it is highly advisable you wear waterproof clothing and goggles to cover your eyes. Some debris fall on the walls and might require cleaning later. The only problem is when dealing with high roofs as it may prove impossible without stepping on higher grounds or ladder when using gutter cleaning hose attachment.

  1. Use Dry/Wet Vacuum

You might not fail to have a vacuum at home or in your garage that could be improvised to clean gutters. An extension is usually added to the vacuum and bent to allow it enter into the gutters. This gutter cleaning system is effective for cleaning small leaves and needles on the gutters.

  1. Use a Garden Hose 

Garden hose comes in handy for cleaning gutters at home too. The hose should be directed on one end of the gutters and pressure from the water will wash away the debris. The effectiveness of the garden hose is highly dependent on pressure of the water and the debris clogged on the gutters. Wondering how to clean gutters downspout? A garden hose is best suited for cleaning clogged gutter downspout. Direct the hose on the downspout and the debris will be washed out.

  1. Leaf Blower with Attachment

You can also use leaf blower gutter attachment to clean your gutters at home. If you own a leaf blower simply attach a bent tube at the end to reach the gutters. Stand below the gutters and blow the debris. Protect your eyes with googles from the pieces of debris.

  1. Using Telescopic Gutter Equipment

There are telescopic gutter cleaning equipment that can be purchased in the market. A gutter cleaningrobot has a long handle and arms that remove debris from the gutters. Other telescopic gutter equipment have pads that clean the gutters by rubbing the gutters and then water poured to remove debris. 

  1. Hire Professionals

When you have a high roof and do not have the equipment or do not know how to clean high gutters, you can seek the help of gutter cleaning companies. You can search through the internet to know the available cleaning companies in your area. You can also hire individuals specializing in cleaning gutters for a leaving. The best thing about sourcing gutter cleaning services is that they can fix gutter guards and you will never worry about climbing the ladder to remove debris. The gutter cleaning cost vary from one company to the other and there is always a room to negotiate. 

You can use any of the aforementioned gutter cleaning methods from the ground and choose the most ideal in your situation. Wondering when to clean gutters? Gutters should be cleaned a minimum of once every year and when you have time clean often do it thrice a year.Cleaning gutters and clogged downspout underground without climbing ladder is now a thing in the past!